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SCP Computers - Network Installations

SCP Computers will provide your business with the hardware and expertise to get your network installed and configured. Whether it is a wireless or hard-wired network you are looking to install we will -
  • Come and discuss your requirements and look at any cabling issues.
  • Provide a detailed quote for the hardware and services you will be getting.
  • Order the equipment and book a time to install the network which will cause the least impact to your business.
  • Install and configure the network.
  • Provide you with documentation of how your network has been set-up.
Once everything is up and running you might want consider protecting and optimising the use of your investment by taking out one of our support contracts.

If you already have a network installed but, for some unknown reason it keeps failing you -
With a quick call to us we will come in and sort the problem out and have you back to work. We will then look at how your network is set up and advise you on the best way forward.

To find out more or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements call us on 01202 718143
  Network Installations from SCP Computers