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SCP Computers - Database Design

SCP Computers can improve the way in which you maintain and use your data.

Many companies build up data (databases) using a spreadsheet. This is fine until your data, e.g. customer details and transactions have grown to the point where the spreadsheet no longer provides the functionality required. We can provide easy to use database systems tailored to meet your needs.

What we will do for you -

  • Initially we will come in and look at how you use and maintain your data.
  • We will then provide a report for you advising you how we could improve you processes.
  • If you decide to continue we will then discuss the way in which you want to front-end your database. Whether it is via a desktop application or internal web site (Intranet).
  • Once the design has been agreed you will recieve a detailed quote for the work which needs to done.
  • We will then code your application, and design your database.
  • When all the coding is done and your are happy with the demonstration we will install the complete system for you.

  Database Design from SCP Computers
Database Design from SCP Computers   Don't worry we won't just walk off site and let you get on with it -
  • If something isn't working as you expected we will change it for you.
  • We will advise you on backup and recovery procedures you should adopt to protect your data.
  • We will also offer to provide you with support for your system.

And remember it is your system so you can install it on as many PC's in your business as you want without having to pay a license fee for each copy. To find out more or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements call us on 01202 718143